I joined Klout back in October 2012 as an experiment to see what social influence was all about.

When I joined my score was a lowly 10.  It quickly soared to the 20’s then the 30’s.  That was about my natural balance of things and my presence and influence.  At that point, I started a blog- also a social experiment and joined Twitter.  Both of these made an appreciable jump in Klout score.  I made it into the 40’s and 50’s.  It was a bumpy ride as I would surge up 5, down 2 up 1 every few days.

So what is Klout?  Let us rehash this both grammatically and in terms of the technology.


An imaginary word.  It is intended to evoke the feeling and meaning of the word clout. The definition of which is:
Informal pull; strong influence; muscle, especially politicalpower: a wealthy campaign contributor with clout at city hall.

Klout is an interesting web presence that measures your social influence.  Using a complex array of algorithms and computational models (my words) it simplifies your online life into a numerical score between 1 and 100.  Higher is better.

As I said in my original Klout post, maintaining your Klout score, especially one over 60 is hard work. You cannot take a day off.  You must post, and in addition you must post relevant material that others interact with. That can be hard.

For example this blog is hit or miss.  The aquarium topics are informative and appreciated by many.  Some of the nature posts have had high hits.  Some of my musings have fallen flat.

So, how does this make a difference? Like a game I have become protective of my score- now in the low 60’s.  I want it to go up.  That means I have to write and pot witty and informative material.  I try to do that anyway.  I have to beg, hope, plead with others to GIVE ME +K on Klout.  I give some, so hopefully I will get some good karma back.

If you are vaguely interested in Klout, then check them out.  Perhaps you can even call me an influencer.  I promise I get no kickbaks or payment from them.  I get to live in my delusional bubble I actually have some internet influence, and after-all – that is what we all want.

Check Klout out :  http://klout.com/#/corp/what_is_klout

Since Klout seems to accumulate data on every Twitter user regardless of sign up, I do suggest everyone take a moment to check out their score.  It is relatively easy, spam free and perhaps you will catch the bug and try to catch my score.