Today I present something a bit controversial. The topic is guns and gun control.  I will first state that I have included two pieces written by others.  I choose these as both are very convincing arguments for their stated case.  Both are thought out, with limited rhetoric.  I hope they present a wide spectrum of viewpoints and differences so as to help the undecided make a better informed decision.

I will say that presently between the media and political climate i do not feel there can be any sensible progress made when both sides engage on fear tactics, emotional manipulation and political rhetoric to push their own agendas.

I believe in the Constitution of the United States and I support our Rights as citizens.  I am not a fan of being told what to do by anyone, city, state or government, or just plain anyone.  I do feel firearms are a tool, and like any tool can be used properly and like any tool can be a danger.  I have as much respect for a firearm as I do a chainsaw – both can kill me and others, and both require skill and training to use. 

I am skeptical myself that any significant headway can be made for getting illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals, ganges, etc. Maybe I am just cynical, or defeatist, but there are some odd 300 million guns in America and many are in the hands of bad people.  No gun control law will have much success in getting true criminals to turn in their guns.  Let’s be honest, cocaine and heroin are illegal too, and yet we have plenty of those drugs on the street.

On the PRO gun control side I do feel that we desensitize ourselves and children to violence.  As a society its OK to have a gory video game, violent show, etc. But we are so prudish about other adult themes like sex. A great example – I was in a theater many years ago for the movie Starship Troopers. A very violent film, where humans battle insects.  Many people die fairly graphic deaths.  There was a mother with 3 kids, I guessed aged between 9 an 15.  She was more concerned when the 52 second shower scene showing a women’s breast was on that the other 90+ minutes of non stop violence. If we desensitize ourselves to violence then it does become less horrific.  Look at the number of tv shows that are in the top 20 each week that focus on brutal serial killings and murder.

On the LIMIT gun control side I support the right as citizens and our founding father’s intent to have a check and balance in place against tyranny.  Corruption happens.  While America is the land of the free, it is not so hard to imagine a slide in another direction.  The Patriot Act, another discussion altogether, significantly erodes rights for those labeled as combatants. Our country was founded by combatants against mother England, the very same types of people that would be detained in Gitmo today. I also believe that while guns are dangerous, if you teach people how to use them, disarm them and not be curious about them lives will be saved.  Like any kid, I did my fair share of bad things.Mostly involving mailboxes, and M-80s.  I was taught early how to use a firearm by relatives in Arkansas who thought teaching a young city boy the ways of nature was their duty.  I learned how to shoot, be responsible and how to disarm and make safe firearms.  This skills later helped be avert disaster when a neighborhood friend gained illicit access to his fathers gun driven by pure curiosity. 

There is no simple answer to this debate or problem.  Again, my own opinion is that some limits are in society’s best interests.  A gun training class or test for example.  To drive a motor vehicle – a machine that can kill – I need to pass a written and physical competency exam.  I support this for firearms.  I do not think convicted felons should get guns.  You were convicted by a jury of your peers, do not pass go and do not use firearms. Many states have some reasonable regulations like a waiting period that make some sense. But I adamantly disagree that classifying weapons as assault weapons, or limiting magazine capacity or other proposed solutions will accomplish much of anything.

I encourage you to read both of the below pieces to help make up your own mind. 

This first post was first seen by me on Facebook.  Here is the original source:
So, here’s my two cents (which will end up being closer to $1.50 I’m sure) and I’m sure I will regret posting this later, due to the “friends” I will lose while exercising my First Amendment, but here goes.
Instead of posting a meme with a picture and a falsely attributed quote or a made up statistic, I’ve spent my time researching the gun violence/gun control debate. And I’d like to talk about some of the pervasive themes I’ve seen lately.
First off, Hitler did not say “In order to conquer a country, you must first disarm its citizens.” In fact, Hitler made it his position to enable guns to be obtained more easily.
Secondly, the presidents, and I mean ALL of them, and their families, receive death threats on a daily basis. President Obama did not enact the regulations that REQUIRE Secret Service protection for him and his family. If you believe your children are as much of a target as the president’s children, then you have a self inflated idea of your position in this world.
Thirdly, there is NO law or bill being considered that would allow anyone to come marching into your home to take your legally obtained and legally owned firearms. There are possible laws that are being explored that would require more responsibility on the part of the gun owner or person purchasing a gun (i.e. pass a background check even if buying a gun from a gun show dealer). If you buy a car from a dealer it must be registered (a record of the transfer is documented). If you buy a car from a private citizen, it must be registered. If you buy a gun from a dealer, there is a record of that sale and it is registered. So how is it illogical to require the same for private sales of firearms?
Fourth, there are not more people being killed with baseball bats than guns. If you disagree with that because you saw a picture stating otherwise on the internet, then I would like to offer you the chance to buy some oceanfront property in Arizona and I’ll throw in the Brooklyn Bridge for free. There is no magical solution for solving the problem of gun violence. THAT is what we need to solve.
We don’t ban cars that are used in DUI related deaths, but we do enact regulations regarding blood alcohol limits, prosecute people who enable a drunk driver to operate a vehicle after serving them, promote a DUI campaign raising awareness and educating drivers on the dangers of driving while intoxicated. All of which has reduced DUI related fatalities by over 40% in a decade.
The media is not hiding other gun related stories because they want to sensationalize the problem, they are simply unable to cover every gun death story because there would be an average of 80 of them each day. So they concentrate (unfortunately) on the massacres which I think we can all agree, happen all too often.

I find the fact that more children are killed in the US by guns than in the entire Middle East region, very disturbing.
I find it disturbing that the NRA blames the rise in violent shootings on video games and then comes out with its own shooting video game (categorized for children as young as 4 years of age) less than a month after Newtown.
I find it disturbing that other countries spend in excess of twice as much as the US on violent video games and have a small fraction of the amount of gun related deaths/injuries.
I find it disturbing that instead of looking for a solution to a problem like Newtown, there are people wasting their time and energy by trying to turn it into a conspiracy theory.
I find it disturbing that guns are the third largest killer of children ages 5-14 in the US.
I find it disturbing that a child in America is 12 times more likely to be killed with a gun than the rest of the “developed” world.
I find it disturbing that there are more guns privately owned in America than the next SEVENTEEN countries combined.
I find it disturbing that all of these statistics are not discussed but fake statistics about a baseball bat death rate are plastered everywhere.
I find it disturbing that some people believe that the ONLY answer to this problem is more guns.
Banning all firearms is NOT the answer, which is exactly why it’s not being proposed. This country has enacted laws that didn’t work before, so they’ve been revised, repealed, reformed, etc. It’s ludicrous to think that as a society, we evolve, but the laws governing us cannot? The NRA states that the assault weapons ban didn’t work the first time. Well, you know what they say, “If at first you don’t succeed, f*%k it.”.
If armed guards are the only answer to ending school shootings, then explain the VT shooting. Virginia Tech had an entire police department complete with a SWAT unit. Explain Columbine, which had an armed officer on staff. When discussing an end to gun violence in schools, there should be NOTHING left off of the table.
Ronald Reagan, a huge gun proponent and signor of the Brady Bill, wrote to Congress in 1994 asking them to propose legislation limiting or stopping altogether the manufacture of guns classified as assault weapon. And anyone saying “assault weapon” is a made up term should remember that every word in every language is, in fact, made up.
And yes, criminals don’t typically obey laws, but we still have them. Can you use that logic to say there should be none at all? No.
Let me be clear, I am NOT anti gun. I have nothing against guns or responsible gun owners. I served proudly in the military, I worked in armed security, I’ve hunted, and enjoy target shooting since I was a kid. And I’m sure most gun enthusiasts are the same way. However, this issue should be discussed logically and rationally, and all I see are comments and pictures that are anything but rational and for the most part, are just viral, inflammatory, unresearched, vitriol.
The president enacted 23 executive actions today, of which only 2 have anything to do with limiting the availability of a category of gun or a magazine capacity. The remaining 21 deal with aspects regarding background checks, school safety and mental health system requirements and deficiencies. Will it be a perfect solution? No. Will it help? We’ll see. Is it better than doing nothing? Definitely. If we keep using the statement, “It’s too soon to talk about it.” after each tragedy, pretty soon, we’ll never talk about it.

OK, so maybe it ended up closer to $2.00 instead of 2 cents. So sue me.

This second piece is from a well known blogger on the subject of preparedness.  It was also posted on Facebook. Her website is: and the original post is“anti-gun”/

Women of Caliber
No Boys Allowed… Unless Accompanied by a Responsible Girl

What It Really Means to be “Anti-Gun”
By Kellene Bishop

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A few days ago I sent an e-mail to a list of my family and friends who subscribe to my emergency preparedness blog, Preparedness Pro. The most recent blog posted was on the necessity of firearms and ammo (along with necessary skill and practice) for a properly prepared state. Unfortunately, my message was not well received by one of my friends. He sent me back a message that simply stated “I’m anti-gun. Please take me off of your list.” While I can perfectly understand why a person is not comfortable with the subject of firearms for self-defense, I was certain that my friend was not fully aware of the ramifications that invoking such a vow as being “anti-gun” truly entailed. In my work I find that the majority of individuals who are “anti-gun” are women. And thus I felt that addressing this topic was appropriate for our Women of Caliber audience today.

What does it really mean to be “Anti-Gun?” I’m convinced that a person who makes such claims does so based on the following misinformed or incomplete reasons.

1- Fear of the power behind the tool. Yes, a firearm is deadly. Thank goodness. Because I do not know of any other tool I can reasonably employ to defend myself against a alcohol and drug-crazed, 6’4”, 280 pound man who’s intent on harming me. I can’t run fast enough. The police can’t respond fast enough. I can’t talk my way out of an encounter. And I can’t rely on my physical strength and skill to properly combat them. Self-defense is an equal opportunity freedom. We all should be entitled to defending ourselves regardless of our medical history, weight, physical fitness, etc. That’s why I often refer to my firearm as the ultimate equalizer. What I do know is that I can have easy access to my firearm, pull, point, and shoot to effectively stop a would-be attacker.

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There are plenty of other valuable tools in our world that are dangerous if used incorrectly. Medicine, exercise, transportation, food and farming equipment to name a few. All are very powerful for good. Yet all of these can be misused to even cause death to ourselves and others. Fortunately for us though, the media, Hollywood, and our government don’t typically have agendas to vilify these types of tools. And yet there are many others who occasionally promote misinformation on these tools as well. Nothing is without some controversy or a difference of opinion. But differences of opinion never alter the truth. Only statisticians do that.

2- Belief that only criminals (thugs, drug dealers, bad guys, etc.) have guns. Just because criminals have guns does not mean that those who have guns are criminals, anymore than the fact that a plane has crashed means that all planes will crash, or that 500 high school students killed per year playing football means that football should be banned. For every thug out there who carries a firearm, there are hundreds of thousands of guns owned by law-abiding citizens. Out of over 4.7 million crimes committed in the U.S. in 2005, less than 10% of them involved the use of a firearm. Even among homicides, where one would assume a firearm was always used, less than 67% of them involve the use of a gun. ( Consider the opposite side of things. Over 2.5 million crimes per year are STOPPED by the use of a firearm in the hands of citizen. (John Lott, More Guns, Less Crime) You’ve got less than 6% of 4.7 million crimes involved a gun, and yet you have over 50% more of those same kinds of crimes being prevented BY a gun. Sounds like there’s a skewed perception there, folks. Don’t you think?

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3- Fear of the safety for our children. This is a very strategic propaganda put out by the anti-gun supporters, knowing full well that no parent in their right mind would put their children in danger. And then of course, on those rare circumstances when a child is tragically killed by a gun, the media runs the story over and over again as if it was an announcement of Armageddon. It’s a highly emotional, and unfortunately successful angle used by our national manipulators. But the real facts don’t lie. Children are less likely to be killed by one of over 300,000,000 million guns held by 94 million gun owners than they are to be killed by an automobile, drowned (in a bathtub or a pool), burned in a fire, or suffocate on plastic! In fact they are at least 6 times more likely to die from any of these causes, and in some cases as much as 40 times more likely. (Kids and Guns, 2000, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention) Now think about this. Out of all of the crimes that were stopped as the result of a firearm, how many children’s lives were saved as a result, or better yet, allowed to remain normal with a loving parent still alive as the result of the use of a firearm. If someone is “anti-gun” do they really realize that they may just as well be stating that they are against protecting their children, loved ones, friends or communities at all costs? Do they realize that they might as well be saying that they are “Pro-Crime?” While you may think this is an audacious leap of logic, the statistics are there to support such a claim. Unfortunately, those who truly are “anti-gun and to heck with the consequences” really don’t care about the truth.

For more on children and guns, click here.

4- The absence of a passion and understanding of freedom. During the monumental Revolutionary War, there were plenty of individuals who took up arms who were unskilled and uncomfortable in their use. After the war, they recovered thousands of rifles in which multiple wads were found stuffed down the barrel, but never fired. Why? Because although these men believed in fighting for their freedom, they found it very difficult to actually aim and fire upon another human being. They would go through the motions of loading the firearm, lifting it to point, but never pull the trigger. And then in their confused and panicked state they would go through the motions again and again until their lack of firing caused their death. Harming another human being purposefully goes against our peaceful grain, of course. And I thank God for that “sensitivity chip.” It’s a mental fight that has been prevalent through the ages. But going through the motions is also what gets people killed and no longer able to live their fulfilling life and provide for their family. Even police officers struggle with firing on a human being. They practice with silhouettes, not live targets, of course. So the mental preparation to completely defend themselves is oft times missing. (As a result, many police departments have begun using more realistic looking targets in order to help law enforcement with this vital mental preparation.)

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What does this have to do with freedom? When I hear someone is “anti-gun” I cringe to think that they are the very persons who would have permitted the British, the Romans, the Japanese, the Germans, and any other enemy Freedom has experienced through the ages, to take everything—and I do mean everything—that they hold dear. It nearly brings me to tears to hear that “anti-gunners” would hold the defenders of our freedom in the same light as criminals in our day. Freedom is not fought just on a battle field. It is fought every single day, even in the sanctity of our homes, restaurants, our parks, our streets. The only reason why our Freedom has not been utterly destroyed is thanks to the 94 million gun owners who are still willing to lay claim to its merits. Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair that those same 94 million gun owners are the very reason why anti-gunners have the freedom to attempt to lay neutral on this issue and still have some semblance of safety. To put it plainly, “anti-gun” is clearly a member of the “anti-freedom” camp.

5- Naïveté. I agree that life would be a whole lot better if I didn’t even have to consider the horrific “what-if’s” that exist out there. I would much rather live in a community where I could leave my door unlocked, trust that my children and family members would never be violently harmed, and that the world was one solely of peace and happiness. Unfortunately, the stark reality of the presence of sheer evil interrupts that fantasy. It’s also naïve of me to believe that my husband will always be there to protect me. Or that simply by owning a firearm, I will instinctively know what to do with it under threat of violence or death without any concerted practice. It’s naïve of me to believe that in an earthquake all of the criminals will stay securely in their jail cells, or that the most well organized and violent gang in the U.S., MS-13, will never invade my peaceful neighborhood. It’s naïve of me to believe that a 9-1-1 call will result in my immediate safety. I could go on and on with the naïve thoughts I have entertained in my younger years. Instead I choose to face reality. And the reality isn’t so much the horrors that are out there as it is that I’m STRONG, CAPABLE, AND COMPETENT. As such I can ensure my own safety and the safety of those who are important to me. I need not be fearful. I need not be paranoid. I simply need to be armed with the proper tools and skills necessary. I don’t walk around with a gun because I’m paranoid. I walk around accompanied by real peace and practical awareness because I carry a firearm. I’m friendly to those around me because I do not fear their violence. I’m happy because I do not fear becoming a victim with no justice to balance. I’m more confident because I know I am an active and beneficial participant in the safety of my community.

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To all you self-proclaimed anti-gunners, I implore you to forsake your fear, rekindle your patriotism, get knowledgeable in the facts, and eliminate naïveté from your life. There are countless benefits in doing so that will last a lifetime. In the meantime, you only make yourself more vulnerable to the harmful realities that inevitably await you as you leisurely bask in your ignorance.

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